Vision Cast

Listen to the Vision cast below:


Vision Sunday took place on April 29, 2018. After months of planning & preparation with the Vision Team, Pastor LZ (Laban Reeves) casted a compelling vision for the church. He announced that New Horizon Church will be closing and replanted as NEW GENERATION COMMUNITY CHURCH in order to reach more people in the community for Christ.


New Generation Community Church will exist to connect people to a real relationship with Jesus & build community through His love. Pastor LZ outlined the valuesstrategy, and timeline for the launch of New Generation Community Church in early 2019.


Beginning  June 10, 2018, the pre-Launch phase of New Generation Community Church will begin with regular Bible Study-esque Gatherings on Sundays at 11am. All are invited to become part of this exciting launch. 


The final celebration service and closing of New Horizon Church will take place on May 27, 2018.